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Solving Sudoku Puzzles

Solving sudoku puzzles is easier than you think. Learn more about sudoku puzzles and how to solve them logically with these free strategy guides for beginners. With detailed graphics and thorough explanations, these tutorials cover basic sudoku solving techniques and provide tips and tricks on how to use logic to solve sudoku puzzles quickly and easily.

How To Solve SuDoku - Part 1
Learn basic Sudoku solving strategies as well as solving tips and tricks on how to solve these popular number puzzles with reasoning and logic.

How To Solve SuDoku - Part 2
Learn useful sudoku solving tips, tricks and strategies with helpful illustrations to show you the ropes.

How To Solve SuDoku - Part 3
Learn to solve sudoku puzzles quickly and easily with this free tutorial chock-full of sudoku hints, tips and tricks to help you hone your solving skills.

How To Solve SuDoku - Part 4
Tips and solving techniques to help beginners become better sudoku solvers without the help of software, but with logic only.

How To Solve SuDoku - Part 5
Part 5 of our tutorial on solving sudoku puzzles using reason and logic.

How To Solve SuDoku - Part 6
Part 6 of our illustrated tutorial on developing basic sudoku solving strategies as well as advanced techniques, hints and tricks to master more difficult puzzles.

How To Solve SuDoku - Part 7
Part 7 of our illustrated tutorial goes into the more advanced techniques used in solving sudoku puzzles.

How To Solve SuDoku - Part 8
The last part of our series examining various sudoku solving techniques, helpful tips and tricks to solve most sudoku puzzles.

Sudoku Puzzles - Definition
A sudoku puzzle is a logic puzzle in which ...

Sudoku Tips and Strategy
In this 3-minute video, you'll learn about squeezing, cross hatching and reducing, three basic tips in solving a Sudoku puzzle.

How to Complete Sudoku Puzzles
See more tips, tricks and solving strategies to help in your sudoku solving in this short video presentation.

Sudoku - Addictive Japanese Number Puzzles
Discover Sudoku, a popular number puzzle that is solved with logic and reasoning.

Sudoku History
Find out the origins of this popular number puzzle game.

Sudoku Terms and Jargon
A comprehensive list of sudoku terms with definitions.

Surviving Sudoku or...
How the Japanese puzzle's invasion has rocked the world of American crossword writers -- and what they’re doing to cope. Interesting article by Matt Gaffney.

Who is Leonhard Euler? - Did he invent Sudoku?
Who is Leonhard Euler and did he invent the Sudoku puzzle more than 220 years ago?

Sudoku's Seven-Year Itch
After seven years in North America, it's time to reassess Sudoku's popularity. Has it unseated the venerable crossword as America's favorite puzzle? Please vote in our online poll.

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