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Free Alphadoku Puzzles: A variation of Sudoku

Free Alphadoku Puzzles

Dave Fisher
These free alphadoku puzzles are print-friendly. Difficulty is not only determined by how many letters are given but also by their placement within the grid. Start by checking for the most frequent letter and work row by row and column by column around the grid. Also check the bonus clue to determine answer word or phrase. Happy puzzling!

Free Medium Alphadoku Puzzles

Medium Alphadoku #1
Wilderness flier.

Medium Alphadoku #2
Stories are often told about them.

Medium Alphadoku #3
It comes with a ladle.

Medium Alphadoku #4
Web specialist.

Medium Alphadoku #5
You can bond with this.

Medium Alphadoku #6
'Colorful' 70's musical group.

Medium Alphadoku #7
The main character in an American classic.

Medium Alphadoku #8
It's topped up by a tippler.

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