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Sudoku - Addictive Japanese Number Puzzles


What is Sudoku?:

Sudoku is a popular number puzzle that is solved with logic and reasoning. A standard Sudoku puzzle is a 9x9 grid divided into nine 3x3 blocks. To start with, some numbers are given and the object is to fill in the rest of the grid using only numbers 1 to 9 so that no number repeats in any block, row or column. The difficulty is determined by how many and which numbers are given and where they are placed in the grid. The rules are very simple and the difficulty can range from very easy to extremely challenging.

Where did Sudoku come from?:

Sudoku puzzles were invented by Howard Garns in 1979 and published by Dell Magazine under the name 'Numbers in Place'. Popularized in 1986 by the Japanese puzzle company, Nikoli, Sudoku (roughly: 'single number') became an international hit in 2005. The beauty of these puzzles is that they are accessible to all ages and abilities. No knowledge of math is necessary. The numbers are symbolic and have no quantitative value. For young puzzlers grids can be small and then made progressively larger as skills develop. Fact: A true Sudoku puzzle has only one, unique solution and no guessing is required in order to solve it.

How do I play Sudoku?:

If you're new to Sudoku, I recommend you read through my tutorial, How to Solve Sudoku, which explains the basics of the game. This tutorial will help the novice Sudoku puzzler learn some basic solving strategies, as well as tips and tricks on how to use reasoning and logic to solve these popular number puzzles.

Where can I find Sudoku puzzles?:

Right here at About Puzzles! This site offers several different Sudoku Games to play online. If you prefer to solve Sudoku on paper, we have hundreds of Sudoku Puzzles to Print in five difficulty levels, from Extra-Easy to Extra-Challenging.

We also have a variation of Sudoku called Alphadoku. As in SuDoku, the goal is to fill in all 81 squares but, unlike SuDoku, Alphadoku puzzles use letters instead of numbers. As an added bonus, one of the rows or columns will spell out a word or phrase which is clued in the title of each puzzle.

Where else can I find free Sudoku?:

Many web sites offer free Sudoku. Go to Sudoku Puzzles for a short list of some of the best Sudoku games the Net has to offer.

Where can I buy Sudoku books?:

If you prefer the convenience of a book, take a look at these Sudoku puzzle books that can be solved on the go or given as gifts.

Sudoku Books for Children: Great for trips or long waits, these books will help young solvers aged 8 and over improve their logic and math skills.

Sudoku Books: For older solvers, a great selection books ranging in difficulty from very easy to very challenging.

Sudoku Games: For multi-player Sudoku fun, check out these electronic Sudoku games, wooden Sudoku board games, wipe-off Sudoku board games, Sudoku card games and Sudoku games for kids.

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