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Riddles, conundrums, quizzes and IQ tests to test your creative thinking skills or just for fun.
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Marbly Logic Puzzle
It may be easy to tell the difference between snakes and ladders but what about prawns and shrimp? How about meteors and meteorites? Here's a quiz that's more fun than a barrel full of monkeys (or should that be apes?).

Three-letter Acronyms
Holy acronyms, Batman! I've got a SIM card in my phone and I just downloaded a DVD but what exactly do those letters stand for? Well, Boy Wonder, take the quiz and find out. To the Batmobile, ASAP! (Oops! That's four letters.)

All Hands On Deck Vocabulary Quiz
Here's a vocabulary quiz with a nautical theme. So cast off your dictionary and set sail for some salty definitions!

Brain Ball
A 10-part daily brain puzzle and IQ test. Content changes daily and extensive performance stats are available.

Increase Your Word Power - Mind Your P's & Q's
Take this quiz and see how well you've been minding your P's & Q's. A good vocabulary increases your chances for success.

Increase Your Word Power - The Easter Quiz
Here comes Easter and that means there will be chocolate rabbits, chickens and eggs. However, while you're hiding those goodies for an Easter egg hunt, you might be surprised to learn that there are religious aspects to this 'sweet' holiday. Test your religious knowledge with this interactive quiz.

Increase Your Word Power - The F-Word Vocabulary Quiz
There's more to the f-word than insulting the guy who just cut you off in traffic. Take this quiz and see if your vocabulary is faint, fair, or formidable.

Increase Your Word Power Vocabulary Quiz
A good vocabulary is essential for successful crossword puzzle-solving. Test your word power with this interactive quiz.

Ten IQ Tests - Puzzles to Test Your IQ
Puzzles to test your IQ. You're encouraged to use any reference materials you think might help.

The Puzzler's Snob Test:
Are you a puzzle snob or a regular solving joe? Find out now. Answer the following questions and see how you score on the Puzzler's Snob-O-Meter.

The Snob Test - How Big A Snob Are You?
The Snob Test: Are you a snob or a regular joe? Find out now. Answer these questions and see how you score on the Snob-O-Meter.

The Wally Test
Answer five simple questions and find out if you're a #1 WALLY (or just too wily).

Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests
Riddles, conundrums and IQ tests.

Votto Puzzles - Find the Common Denominator
A new picture puzzle quiz game to test your observation skills. There are 36 pictures in the 6x6 Votto grid. The challenge is to figure out what 12 of those images have in common.

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