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On July 4, the United States celebrates its national holiday, commonly known as the Fourth of July. This annual holiday marks the date on which the Second Continental Congress voted to adopt the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming the sovereignty of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britian. For Independence Day, enjoy these free puzzles and games celebrating the nation's birthday. These puzzles are geared towards older children and adults. If you're searching for puzzles and games suited to children, visit Fourth of July Puzzles for Kids.

Fourth of July Trivia Games

Do you enjoy trivia games? If you think you know a lot about July 4th and early U.S. history, then try your hand at our Independence Day Trivia Quiz. You'll also find other historically-themed games covering topics such as the Presidents of the United States, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and more.

Fourth of July Crossword Puzzles

Crossword fans, this is for you! Can you figure out the two secret phrases in our Fourth of July Crossword, an American-style crossword puzzle with a timely theme? Younger solvers can practice their Independence Day vocabulary with the easy to challenging crossword games found at Independence Day Crossword Puzzles for Kids.

Fourth of July Word Search Puzzles

Enjoy these free word search puzzles with patriotic themes. These word search games feature characters in large print for a puzzle that is not as taxing on the eyes. Play these free word search puzzles online or print and solve them anytime, anywhere.

These word search games may be a bit difficult for younger solvers. For easy word searches appropriate to children, visit Independence Day Word Search Puzzles for Kids.

Fourth of July Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzle fans, for your puzzling pleasure we have a number of free jigsaw puzzles featuring themes pertaining to US history, 'Old Glory', Independence Day and other patriotic themes to play on your computer. These online games all have over 100 pieces. For easier online jigsaw puzzles as well as jigsaw printables for children, see Independence Day Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids.

These puzzles will open in a new browser window or tab. When the new window has opened and you want more space for solving, look just above the puzzle window and click "Turn off this Top Frame" for a larger work area. When done, close the window to return to this page. Happy puzzling!

More Free U.S. History Puzzles for Adults

  • Flag Day Puzzles - On June 14th, the U.S. celebrates Flag Day, the anniversary of the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the American flag in 1777. If you're searching for kids' puzzles with themes related to 'Old Glory'.
  • President's Day Puzzles - Enjoy these free crossword puzzles, word searches, jigsaw puzzles and word games with themes pertaining to men who have served as President of the United States.

Shop for USA Puzzles Online

Looking for a gift for a puzzle fan? Or, perhaps you'd like to find an entertaining way for the family to spend some quality time together? Browse our selection of jigsaw and word puzzles to find quality puzzles suitable for all ages and abilities.

Patriotic Jigsaw Puzzles - These jigsaw puzzles have a patriotic theme - they feature Old Glory, the bald eagle, the nation's capital, the signing of the Declaration of Independence and other symbols, places and events associated with Independence Day.

U.S. History Crosswords and Jigsaw Puzzles - Significant events in history of the United States, individuals who made a lasting impression on the country, and the various ethnic and cultural groups which make up its population are the focus of these crossword puzzles and jigsaw games.

Jigsaw Puzzle Maps of the USA - Fulfilling the role that jigsaw puzzles were originally designed for, these easy puzzle games are an excellent tool to use in teaching children about the geography of the United States, the 50 states which make it up, where they're located, and their capital cities.

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