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Crossword Puzzle No. 2

by Dave Fisher


Everything Kids' Pirates Puzzle And Activity Book

Everything Kids' Pirates Puzzle And Activity Book

You can try solving a diagramless version of this crossword or, if you're not that adventuresome, it's also available with a blocked grid. Interactive or print-friendly. Happy puzzling!

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Puzzles can help children develop spelling, grammar and critical thinking skills. If you're looking to buy puzzles for a young person in your life, here's a sampling of puzzles suitable for youngsters as young as 2.

Featured Book - The Everything Kids' Pirates Puzzle And Activity Book: This book offers a thrilling journey of puzzling fun with mazes, crosswords, matching games, hidden pictures, and more! Bound to keep young swashbucklers busy for hours. Reading level: Ages 9-12 Paperback: 135 pages ISBN: 9781593376079 Compare Prices

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