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Bible Puzzles - Word and Jigsaw Puzzles with a Biblical Theme


People and events from the Bible are the focus of this selection of crossword puzzles, word searches and trivia quizzes. If you're searching for jigsaw puzzles with a biblical theme, take a peek at our selection of Christian jigsaw puzzles.

The Big Book of Bible Puzzles

Word puzzles, mazes, and codes based on stories and verses found in the Bible. Reading level: Ages 9-12. Paperback: 216 pages. ISBN: 9780830725427
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The Everything Kids Bible Trivia Book

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This collection is packed with quizzes, puzzles, and trivia from classic Bible stories, from the story of Creation to the Christ and the Last Supper. Illustrations. Reading level: Ages 9-12. Paperback: 144 pages. ISBN: 9781593370312

More Everything Kids' Puzzles

Bible Puzzles Crosswords

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Children will want to sharpen their pencils, get out an eraser and get ready for fascinating Bible learning with these exciting puzzles. Designed to be reproduced for classroom use. Ideal for Sunday Schools, VBS, Children's Church and Christian schools. Contains Bible characters crosswords, Old and New Testament, scrambled words and other puzzles. Ages 8 - 13.

More Bible Puzzles: Crosswords

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Leave the dry and lifeless methods of teaching the Bible behind with this series of Bible Puzzles. Kids and young adults learn important elements of the Bible, from stories to concepts to specific verses as they search out the correct answers for the crossword puzzles; it's a good thing they have a unique book to look to for solutions! Dual-challenge games provide even more fun and practice with the additional game of using numbered words from the crossword puzzle to complete the Scripture at the bottom of the page. 45 puzzles, 96 reproducible and perforated pages. Answers are included on the back of each page. Uses the NIV version. By Rainbow Publishers Ages 8 & up.

Bible Puzzles Pencil Games

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Bible puzzle books filled with 46 challenging word search puzzles, crosswords, codes, scrambled words and other puzzles which teach bible facts and verses to children ages 10 and older.

The Big Book of Bible Word Search

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This book offer over 120 different puzzles, each with a theme and a question that can be answered in the Bible, to enlighten and entertain youngsters while testing on their knowledge of Scripture. Paperback: 144 pages ISBN: 9780884863878
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