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Easter Trivia Quiz

Fun Facts About Easter


Mother's Day Personalized Photo Puzzle & Tin

Mother's Day© Personalized Photo Puzzle & Tin

Image courtesy of Personalization Mall
Easter was celebrated by the pagans long before it became a Christian day of celebration. Can you answer the eleven questions pertaining to this ancient celebration of the coming of spring?

Take the Easter Trivia Quiz.

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If you're looking for a special gift idea for Mother's Day, consider The Mother's Day© Personalized Photo Puzzle. This custom-made jigsaw puzzle features an adorable design that Mom (or Grandma!) and child will love putting together with one another! Just electronically send in a favorite photo and it will be reproduced on a sturdy, white cardboard puzzle and coordinating gift tin. Find this and other personalized puzzle ideas in our directory of custom-made jigsaw puzzles or browse our gift guide for more puzzling Mother's Day gift ideas.

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