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What's The Difference Between Crocodiles and Alligators?


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The difference between Monkeys and Apes
Monkey or Ape?

Monkey or Ape?

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Monkeys and Apes are both Simians but the similarities end there. Here are the key differences between Monkeys and Apes:
  • Monkeys have tails and apes do not.
  • Apes can and do walk upright while monkeys do not.
  • Monkeys have slanted nasal openings and apes have rounded nasal openings.
  • Apes have bigger brains and larger bodies than monkeys.
  • Apes live twice as long as monkeys.
  • Apes arms are longer than their legs whereas monkeys arms are the same size or shorter than their legs.
  • Apes use tools and monkeys do not*.
  • Monkeys have webbed feet and apes do not.
(*Some Capuchin monkeys are known to use tools.)

Interesting facts about Monkeys and Apes:

  • There are no apes in the western hemisphere (the New World).
  • There are ten known species of nocturnal monkeys in the New World but none in the Old World.
  • Many New World monkeys have prehensile tails but Old World monkeys do not.
  • Apes in captivity have been able to learn a kind of sign language in order to communicate with researchers.

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