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Australian Birds Word Scramble

How much do you know about "Down Under"? Unscramble the letters to reveal the the names of birds native to Australia. Click in the applet to solve and, once solved, click again for a new Scramble.

Need a hint? | More Word Scrambles

These and other applets are available at The Applet Depot

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Australian Bird Scramble Word - Word List

albatross | bittern | booby | butcherbird | cockatoo | Currawong | coot | cormorant | crake | curlew | drongo | dunlin | egret | emu | fulmar | gannett | godwit | grebe | ibis | kestrel | Kookaburra | malleefowl | penguin | petrel | pipit | prion | potoroo | shearwater | shelduck | shoveler | skua | snipe | tattler | tropicbird | whimbrel

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