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Word Puzzles and Games

Love to play with words? Then you're sure to enjoy these word puzzles and games: riddles, anagrams, tongue-twisters, palindromes, puns, pyramid puzzles, scrambled-letter games, vocabulary tests and other forms of wordplay.
  1. Acrostic Puzzles
  2. Hangman Word Game (5)
  3. Palindromes (12)
  4. Vocabulary Tests
  5. Word Puzzles (19)
  6. Word Scrambles

The Hidden Harvest
Can you find the twenty-five fruits and veggies and one topical collective noun hidden in these sentences?

Three's A Company
Can you find the common ground shared by these trios?

Adages, Idioms & Expressions Initially
Do you know your Adages, Idioms & Expressions? In this word puzzle the challenge is to figure out the common English expression when given only the first letter of each word. VIP, BYOB, and RSVP might be easily solved but how about TTWTCC? See how many of these you can figure out and remember: NVNG

Puzzazz - Year of Puzzles
The Puzzazz Year of Puzzles is the year-long puzzle hunt of eighteen unique, interconnected puzzles playable on Apple mobile devices including iPad, iPod and iPhone.

Homophonic People, Places & Things
The challenge with these vocal puzzles is to "hear" the names of famous people, places and things by saying the homophonic phrases out loud. How many can you solve?

Are You A Genius?
Find out how smart you are by solving this word puzzle.

From famous quotations to crossword clue solutions
"Quote Unquote" is a word game for the iPod, iPad or iPhone as well as Android, which challenges you to solve crossword-like clues drawing letters from a famous (and often humorous) quotation.

History of SCRABBLE: A Brief History of the Popular Board Game
The history of the popular word game Scrabble from its invention during the Great Depression until today.

Word Pyramid Puzzles
A pyramid puzzle or word pyramid is a word game, so named because the solution words are stacked one on top of each other to resemble a pyramid. Here are some free printable puzzles for you to enjoy.

Puzzazz Digital Bookstore
The Puzzazz Web site offers a wide selection of quality puzzles playable on Apple mobile devices including iPad, iPod and iPhone.

1st Int'l Collection of Tongue Twisters
Claiming to have the world's largest collection of tongue twisters, this site features 1,828 entries in 75 languages.

A Well-Boiled Icicle - Spoonerisms
The Reverend William Archibald Spooner is best remembered, not for being head of an Oxford college (1903-1924) but for his supposed habit of transposing letters of words producing what have come to be called 'SPOONERISMS'. Letter/sound transposition has since developed into a deliberate form of wordplay.

A Monograph on Crossword Puzzles
From the Barely Bad Web site. A dissertation on crosswords and why one should (and shouldn't) do them.

Can Solving Puzzles Make You Smarter? What's your take?
Studies have shown that "mental aerobics", such as solving crossword puzzles, are an important part of a healthy lifestyle and can minimize the risk of developing debilitating neurodegenerative diseases. But, can they actually help increase your IQ? What do you think?

Crossword masters vs Scrabble masters
Anagrams are a rearrangement of the letters of a word to form a new word, such as WEIRD, WIRED and WIDER. Skill in manipulating these constructions is a major factor in increasing your Scrabble score.

Crosswordese- Definition
Crosswordese refers to hackneyed, obscure words or partial phrases, usually three to five letters long, used in crossword puzzle clues. These words, rarely used in everyday conversation, are often used in crossword puzzles because the particular letter combination is needed in a particular area of the crossword grid. Puzzles with too much crosswordese are frowned upon by cruciverbalists.

Here's a site dedicated to puns, and all other kinds of wordplay. Includes jokes, comics and mechandise.

Cryptic Link
One person's word is another person's plaything.

Claiming to be the toughest word game on the web, you are presented with 10 randomly selected word origin questions with multiple choice answers. Okay, what's an ecdysiast?

Great for elementary school aged youngsters. This site has lots of educational word games that deal with common reading problems like confusing similar words, identifying parts of speech, and proper use of verb tenses. Games can be played in easy or hard mode.

This is a multiplayer word game site. Activities include a daily Crypoquote, word building from letters in a name, and a vocabulary challenge. A unique user name must be selected (though no 'registration' is necessary), and there is an interactive bulletin board on the site. Recommended for teens or adults.

Interactive Wordplays
A variety of word games including crossword puzzles and a version of Boggle. Also includes some interesting tools such as an anagram finder, a dictionary, and a 'dialect' translator. Lots of fun!

My Word a Day
A daily dosage of word descriptions designed to deepen your understanding of the English language. You can also subscribe to receive the free weekly package delivered via email.

Puns: The Lowest Form of Wit
Puns may be the lowest form of wit, but do they deserve the scorn that has been heaped upon them by their detractors down through the ages? Love 'em or loathe 'em, puns are here to stay and have been around since ancient times.

Play With Yor Mind Word Games
Create, find, re-assemble, unscramble and otherwise play with words with these fun and challenging verbal games.

Pyramid Puzzles Tutorial
A Pyramid Puzzle is a word game, so named because the solution words are stacked one on top of each other (from shortest to longest) to resemble a pyramid. These puzzles can be easy or difficult depending on how they are clued and/or whether the answers are common or obscure words.

Scrabble Changes - What's your take?
Mattel, makers of the popular Scrabble board game, have introduced new rules for the first time in the game's history. In a bid to attract younger players, proper nouns, place names and brand names will be allowed. What do you think? Is this a good move or an invalid play?

Spelling Schmelling
Can you raed tihs? Aoccdrnig to a reersach peapr at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deson't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are...

Syzygy Word Game
Syzygy is a fast-paced word game for 1 to 12 players. Ages 9 and up. Read a review from your Guide.

This site is 'new-and-improved' and there's a wide choice of puzzles including trivia, concentration, word search and crosswords.

The Grey Labyrinth
From Kevin Lin, who says, "Its purpose is to stimulate interest and curiousity into the most intriguing puzzle God ever devised, the human mind." Lots of good riddles.

The Pun FAQtory - About Paronomasia
Frequently Askewed Questions about Paronomasia: Mark Samwick maintains the unofficial FAQ for the UseNet newsgroup alt.humor.puns It probably includes more than you wanted to know or even knew existed on the subject of wit and wordplay.

Top Word Games
These entertaining word games are a great way to improve your vocabulary skills while spending time with family and friends.

The National Puzzlers' League
According to NPL, this is "the world's oldest puzzlers' organization". You can become a member for $13 which includes a subscription to 'The ENIGMA' (12 monthly issues).

Word Scramble Game - Female Celebrities
Unscramble the letters to reveal the name of a female celebrity. Java

Word Scramble Game - Male Celebrities
Unscramble the letters to reveal the name of a male celebrity. Java

Play online in real time against other players. Choose a 4x4 or 5x5 grid. No downloads or special plug-ins. The site is FREE and NO registration is required. Just type in a user name and play away!

World Puzzle Federation
Dedicated to exchanging puzzle ideas, stimulating innovations, supervising the annual World Puzzle Championship (WPC) and fostering friendship among puzzle fans.

World Wide Words
Michael Quinion has built a fascinating site which will delight anyone interested in words. Be sure not to miss the 'Weird Words' section. Also, I highly recommend his weekly newsletter. As Michael states: "This site is all about English words and phrases—what they mean, where they came from, how they have evolved, and sometimes the ways in which people misuse them."

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