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Different strokes for different folks...

Today there are versions of the game in French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Arabic, each with its particular set of letters. In French there are fifteen E's and the Q is not worth much due to its frequency in that language. (W is the most valuable letter.) The Dutch game has eighteen E's, two J's and ten N's. The Spanish set includes tiles for CH, LL, and RR. The German game has 119 tiles including A, O, and U with umlauts (�„, �–, �œ) and German players use eight letters on their racks instead of seven.

SCRABBLE® in Hollywood

No longer limited to the parlors of the world, competive SCRABBLE® has now become a theme worthy of the silver screen! So far, four movies have been made featuring players vying for the top spot in the World SCRABBLE® tournament.

Word Wars, a documentary film about competitive SCRABBLE®, is based on four of the top players featured in the book Word Freak. Read a review

Scrabylon, a 50-minute documentary film examining the cutthroat world of competive Scrabble, takes a look at why some people get totally obsessed with the game. Shot mostly during the World SCRABBLE® Championship in Las Vegas, the movie features players from around the world and their quest to come away with the distinction of being the best SCRABBLE® player around. Read more...

In Word Freak, based on the book of the same name, author Stephen Fatsis delves into the world of competive SCRABBLE®. It's a first-hand look at his quest to become one of the top-ranked, competive, SCRABBLE® player. Read a review of the book

Finally, there's Your Word Against Mine, a romantic comedy about a young man who's given up everything in the hopes of becoming the national Scrabble champion and an equally competitive young woman who throws off his game.

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