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The immense popularity of Scrabble has spawned quite a few variations of this hugely successful word game.

SCRABBLE Junior® is a word-and-picture version of the game for two to four players. The two-sided board allows two levels of play: younger players can match picture words with letter tiles on one side while older ones can form words on the other side. There's also a Disney-themed version of the game where players can use the names of favorite Disney characters. Ages 5 and up. Buy Direct

Super SCRABBLE® is a super-sized version of the game offering twice the number of tiles and a giant game board, allowing the possibility of playing words that can't be used in the regular game. Buy Direct

Syzygy is a take-off on SCRABBLE® but players work individually and there is no board. Anybody who likes Scrabble will probably enjoy this game and while SCRABBLE® is limited to four players, this game will accommodate up to twelve. Ideally suited for large families. Read a review. - Buy Direct

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