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Tiny Bite Games

The Bottom Line

Bottom line: This is a fun game and congratulations to the creators and developers for bringing this to us with a visually appealing interface. Good luck with the marketing and I hope it is successful enough to last for many years to come. If the creative quality of the clues and answers improve I will definitely be buying many more puzzle packs.

Category: Word Puzzles and Games
Developer: Tiny Bite Games
Rated: Ages 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android

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  • Fun word game
  • Great quotations
  • Nice interface


  • Clue text is very small
  • Many clues and answers are mundane
  • Inputting solutions can be tedious


  • New word game combining crossword-like clues and famous quotations
  • Choose letters from a famous quote and fill in the solution words
  • Solve all the main clues to unlock the bonus clues
  • Watch a Youtube intro to the game

Guide Review - From famous quotations to crossword clue solutions

"Quote - Unquote" is a word game that I just recently discovered and took for a test drive on my iPod. The challenge is to solve crossword-like clues using the letters of a famous (often humorous) quotation. The main answer squares are divided into two- to four- (or more) letter blocks and you have to select the correct letter strings within the quote to create the solution word. Some letters in the answer may be given. After solving all the main clues there are bonus clues which can only be unlocked when all the other clues have been solved. All the letters within the quote will be used to complete the puzzle.

This puzzle is fun to play and I was happy to have it when killing time in a waiting room. It has lots of sound effects for those who like that sort of thing, however, not wanting to disturb others I thought it best to mute those in that particular circumstance, especially the music that plays when a puzzle is successfully solved. The mute option is not immediately apparent. I was sure there must be one but it took me a while to find it. In settings there's an icon of a speaker which one clicks to turn off all sounds. The first time I looked I didn't recognize it as a speaker (maybe it's just me) but perhaps a little text next to it might be helpful for us dummies. So now I have the various sound effects turned off which, by the way, are quite pleasing (kudos on that). I would suggest a small mute button right on the screen somewhere. Is that possible?

The overall look of the puzzle (color-scheme, layout, visuals, etc.) is great. I like the sunray-filled sky, puffy clouds and rolling hills. It makes one feel good each time you fire up the game. The little face watching your every move is so darn cute and when you make a mistake you can see he really feels your pain. I like that. Totally unnecessary but a nice addition. Thanks! However the font size of the clues is too small for my taste or for my eyesight. At least it was on the iPod. An option to increase font size for those of us with older eyes on smaller devices would be a welcome feature. As I said, the sound effects compliment the game nicely and are not intrusive or annoying as in some other games.

The quotations are fun (I love quotes) and you will get a chuckle out of that aspect of the game. As for the clues, the quality can be spotty. While most of the clues are mundane ("September, e.g." = MONTH or "Manual cutting tool" = HANDSAW) others are downright awful! ("They come in blue, black and rasp" = BERRIES or "Ball of ice" = HAILSTONE). Hopefully they can get some creative clue writers to do justice to the witty, clever quotes which are the backbone of this game. I would also like to see the game developers move away from one and two-letter answers.

As for the mechanics of the game I do have a couple of complaints. When entering letter strings you have to fill the blocks in order from first to last. I would like to be able to enter the letters into the blocks in random order. Often I know the answer must end with "ED" or "ERS" and it would be nice to be able to enter that part of the answer. Not only does it help visually when trying to figure out the rest of answer, it also eliminates those letters from the quote allowing you to more easily identify the remaining parts of the solution.

Secondly, when it comes to incorrect answers, the interface clears all the letters you have inputted even though some parts may be correct. When you have two-thirds or three-quarters of the answer correctly entered and are experimenting with the last block it can be frustrating to have to start over again each time from scratch. I would suggest the incorrect warning and then being able to selectively delete all or part(s) of the solution.

These last two complaints may seem like simple fixes from a solver's point of view but I know they could pose real challenges to a programmer. If that is more trouble than it's worth from a programming standpoint then I understand. I can live with the game as it is but would like to see the quality of the clues and answers improve.

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