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Free Hidden Word Search Puzzles to Play Online or Print


Word search puzzles are one of the easiest word puzzle games to solve as they don't require a huge vocabulary, knowledge of synonyms, logic or lateral thinking, or math, just the ability to spot letter patterns in a seemingly random jumble of letters. These easy word search games are an excellent way for children and second language learners to acquire new words and improve their spelling. Whether you're looking to play word search games online or to find puzzles to print and solve in the classroom, we've got you covered.

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Holiday Word Searches

Spring Word Search
©Dave Fisher

These large-print word search puzzles have word lists pertaining to the various holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, the 4th of July, Easter and many more! Play online or print and solve.

Sopa de Letras (Letter Soup)

Sopa de Letras
©Dave Fisher

Looking for a fun way to build your Spanish vocabulary? Try these Sopa de letras, or Spanish language word search puzzles, for an entertaining way to discover new words and practice your spelling. These free Spanish word search games cover basic vocabulary with themes such as sports, animals, clothing, family, holidays and more.

En este juego de letras, a ver si puedes encontrar las palabras ocultas. Cada sopa de letras trata de un tema diferente, que sea los deportes, los animales, la ropa, la familia y mucho más.

Word Search Puzzles for Kids

Kids Word Search
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Looking for easy word search games for young solvers? These word search puzzles range from very easy for beginners to quite challenging for older children. Themes include holidays, the four seasons, animals, jobs and professions, the Bible and much more. These fun word games can be played online or printed for classroom solving.

If you're interested in buying word search games for young children, then see our section on Word Search Puzzle Books for Kids for easy word search puzzles which are aimed at children and feature themes that youngsters are bound to enjoy.

Animal Word Search Games

Animal Word Search
©Dave Fisher

Australian Birds and Mammals, Canadian Fauna, Dog Breeds and African Animals are just a sampling of the free animal word searches found here. These free word search games can be solved online or printed and solved on paper.

Famous People Word Search Games

Celebrity Word search
©Dave Fisher

Names of notable historic figures, American presidents, pop culture icons, legends of the silver screen, Disney heroes, Dr. Seuss and many more are featured in these free word search games of medium difficulty. Solve online or print.

Sports Word Searches

Sports Word Search
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Vocabulary relating to baseball, football, golf, tennis, skiing and other words from the World of Sports are featured in these large-print word search games of medium difficulty.

Food and Drink Word Search Games

Food & Drink Word Search
©Dave Fisher

These large-print word search games feature tempting word lists: French Cuisine, La Comida Mexicana, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Japanese and American Food are all featured here. Those with a sweet tooth will find vocabulary related to delectible delights such as candies, cakes and cookies and ice cream.

Geography Word Searches

Geography Word Searches
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Word search puzzles are a good way to remember long lists of names. These free word games relate to the countries of Europe and Africa, major cities and cultural centers such as London, Paris and New York, as well as landmarks found throughout the world.

Mots Cachés (Hidden Words)

Students of la langue de Molière can practice their French with these easy French language word search games.

Online Word Search Games

Word Searches
©Dave Fisher
Word search puzzles are easy-to-create, easy to solve and don't require an extensive vocabulary. These free word search games can be played on your computer or printed and solved on paper.

Online Word Search Puzzle Generators

Word Search
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Word search puzzles are a good way for kids to learn new words and improve their spelling. The sites listed here offer free word search puzzle generators that you can use to create customized word search puzzles for educational purposes or just for fun.
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