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Crucigramas - Spanish Crossword Puzzles

Spanish language crosswords and vocabulary builders for students learning Spanish as a second language. Online and print crossword puzzles in Spanish for all ages and levels of ability.
  1. Spanish Vocabulary Games

Spanish-Language Puzzles and Games
For students of Spanish as a first or second language, puzzles and word games to introduce and help reinforce Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

Interactive crossword puzzles using Flash. Edited by Angel Freire for the Universal Press Syndicate. Updated every day but Sunday.

Crucigramas: Puzzles to Test Your Vocabulary
Are you a Spanish teacher who is tired of giving routine fill-in-the-blank and multiple-choice vocabulary tests? The answer may be a fun variation of fill-in-the-blank — crossword puzzles, or crucigramas. With this free software, you can quickly create Spanish-language crossword puzzles with your own choice of words.

Crucigramas - Acanomas.com
Over 1500 interactive Spanish-language crosswords of medium difficulty can be found here.

El Columbiano - Crucigrama
Online crossword from this Medellín-based publication.

Crucigramas 'Once contra Once'
From Spain, two puzzles (one diagramless, the other asymmetrical) with soccer themes. Print.

Crucigramas d'El Mundo
From Madrid's daily paper, almost 100 asymmetrical puzzles in this archive. Easy or difficult. Uses <FORM> method (onscreen solving/print).

Crucigramas Navedeños
Crosswords with a Christmas theme to be solved online or printed.

Tarkus Pasatiempos
Sitio de puzzles con crucigramas, tachagramas, juegos de logica, sopas de letras y mas.

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