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Readers Respond: Can Solving Puzzles Make You Smarter?

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Studies have shown that "mental aerobics", such as solving crossword puzzles, are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercising the brain helps stave off senility and improves memory. But, can they actually help increase your IQ? So far, 85% of responders believe they do.

search a word puzzle

I believe in use it or lose it. when we recognize words rather than read them we can do it faster. we see this with young children and spelling list. I tell them they must program their computer [their brain]
—Guest annie


yes it teaches u how to think n that boosts creativity
—Guest puzzler


Crossword puzzles expand your vocabulary. I have learned MANY new words doing them.
—Guest plclemo


You must be smart BEFORE solving puzzles, but WORKING on puzzles develops your brain and memory and of course is entertining.
—Guest wtmac


You may not become smarter, but you do learn more, especially if your mind is a trivia trap!
—Guest Carolyn

Like With Most Parts Of Our Body...

use it or lose it and using it strenthens it. --I don't feel smart finishing a crossword, I feel stupid when I can't. lol

can solving puzzles make you smarter?

for me, yes it does and helps reinforce what I already know. Lot of the crosswords I do, and if I am stumped on the spelling of the word I do look it up.


After many years of doing all kinds of puzzles and word games, I am definitely smarter. I know what an erne and an anoa are ;( Actually, I'm not sure if they make you smarter but they do exercise the brain and that has to be a good thing, right?

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