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Readers Respond: Scrabble Changes

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From the article: Scrabble Changes the Rules
Come on, folks! Let your voice be heard! The future of Scrabble hangs in the balance. The makers of the popular Scrabble are introducing new rules for the first time in the game's history. Proper nouns, place names and brand names will be allowed. IMO, this could prove problematic because there is no way to verify if these proper names are valid. As for brand names, what about regional brand names with little recognition outside certain geographical areas? How about obscure place names: Hogswallow, for instance. Valid? What do you think? Is this a good move or an invalid play? What's your take?


Whose BIRD BRAIN idea was this? IF it AIN'T broken, don't try and fix it! If you refuse to change back to the original rules, I will have to find a more challenging game to play. If you must change something about the game, add a new word or two a year. I can live with that.
—Guest B'wana


Not so happy with new scrabble. I miss the old scrabble.
—Guest linda

Scrabble Changes

I am very disappointed you choose to redefine my favorite word game..Please fix it why change when their is nothing wrong..I am finished with this version...
—Guest Bonnie Lamb


I think and agree with others, to go back to the way Scrabble was. It is my most favorite game and if you do want to make changes, do call it Scrabble II or whatever. It is very unfair to all of us who have been playing for years. Please, please, please find another way of making these changes, no dictionary, etc., cannot get into a friend's game. extremely annoying. While I want to join the CLUB, I will not at this time, it is not worth it. Thank you for letting me sound off.
—Guest carol2

Hate New Version !!!

... Did I say that I hate the new version !!! Bring back old version or I might start playings Words ... Bleuchhh !?$8 "/:
—Guest Thumperoo


The new version of Scrabble is rubbish , after playing for years I have now deleted the app along with many others ...so sad


I absolutely hate the new version. Bring back the one I've been playing because I refuse to play this one.
—Guest tas.139

Please keep Scrabble pure!

Please don't dumb down this wonderful game. Invent a different game for those too lazy to actually think and spell correctly.
—Guest Nanaof3Angels


Very bad news - part of the fun are the "discussions" about whether a word is valid or not, and then being able to immediately check it.
—Guest Mike_Kent

scrabble rules

NO. Dont dumb down the rules. Having the rules as they are appeals to the literate of the world. I am frustrated now by words that are accepted on an onlive version. We should do more to encourage proper spelling and usage of words. Our youth today are not being taught word formation, spelling and usage. No wonder they can't talk properly. Scrabble is a good home instruction tool. I have played it from its beginning and love it. If it "aint broke" dont fix it really applies here.


Allow slang etc, you must be joking. it will be like degrading the english ( anyone's ) language
—Guest briteyes

Changes are good

but not for classic games like scrabble, monopoly, clue etc.. They held there appeal because the rules never changed and people playing them were very satisfied


"Quartzitic" is my favorite real scrabble word. I'm OK making another version, but changing the entire game seems just stupid. With the inclusion of proper nouns, players can put anything down now. "but Bizrate is a word! Now that we have the cheater's version of Scrabble." Give me a break!
—Guest Chris

Scrabble - new rules

This will be disasterous to the game of Scrabble !! This is a crazy idea !!
—Guest Barbara R.

Scrabble vs. Scrabbel, Scrabble-2.11a...

There is but one Scrabble. All others, should qualify their name (perhaps, a version or release #)... Obviously, Scrabble is my favorite! :-)
—Guest MSmailbox

What's your take?

Scrabble Changes

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